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Last Night: Episode 1

Much like the Star Wars Trilogy, this is a prequel to the previous post.  So like I said before tfast hooked us up with some tickets.  We were in the front row off in the left field corner.

We watched the pre-game festivities, including the first pitch.  The game was celebrating the American's with Disabilities Act.  In the picture you can see the Friar, a guy with a sick looking wheel chair and our favorite Pad Squadder, Stephanie.

So Jon and I sat in our awesome seats, but Jon couldn't stop from thinking about his girl Sheona who was sitting in Petco's company luxury seats.  He would call her every few minutes to hear about the free food and great view and beg for her to get us up there.  If you don't know Jon, then know this:  Jon thinks he's entitled to everything.  It's charming characteristic until he starts bugging you for something.  

You wanna hear something gross.  When we were sitting in tfast's seats people in the Western Metal Supply kept dropping trash and stuff and somebody spit a wet sunflower seed onto Jon's leg.  It just stuck there, it was nasty.

Update [2005-7-27 18:3:1 by jbox]:

The above picture shows where Sheona was sitting right next to John Moores luxury seats. Little did we know that soon we would be sitting there as well.

The Pad Squad showed up later and shot t-shirts into the crowd. We were happy.

JeffSDSU reminds me about the reaction to Phil Nevin. My reaction to Phil being in the line up and playing catcher was "WTF?". He got booed when he was mentioned during the line up. For some weird reason when he actually came up to bat, he got a ton of cheers. He drew a walk in his first plate appearance and got more cheers. Later on he flew out to the catcher and was booed pretty bad. I felt bad for him. Then he hit a line drive right at the left fielder to end the game. He got booed some more. Lemme say that I want him to succeed and I don't like the idea of fans booing our team. Let's give them support when they are on the field and we'll give 'em hell later on a blog. Okay?

More later... the saga continues.