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Last Night: Dinner at Randy Jones BBQ

Well, tfast was nice enough to let us use her sweet season tickets last night.  Jon and I went to the game to cheer the Padres on.  About the 4th inning we got up to get some chow.  Headed to the Park in the Park to get some Randy Jones BBQ.  Jon got the 1/2 lb slugger hot dog, but I needed something different.  Something decadent, something really, really messy.  I got the Ribs and Chicken Platter for $11.50.  I was hungry and I figured that with slugger and a coke I'm down 10 bucks, why not get the platter and a coke for 15 bucks?  I mean seriously.

They gave me the plate and it was piping hot!  2 large ribs fresh from the hog and one chicken leg, smothered in delicious RJ BBQ sauce, made fresh in the locker room.  The platter came with a helping of zesty slaw, baked beans and a dinner roll.  Instead of heading back to the seats and making a mess of things there we sat in the Park in the Park.  I dove in and was knee deep in BBQ sauce.  I had it in my hair, I somehow got it on some kids sitting next to me, and even got some in my mouth.

I checked with Jon.  "Hey Jon there is no polite way to ribs right?"  He assured me it was okay that I was making a terrible mess.  I killed that platter.  I have the killer instinct that Padres just don't have.

Update [2005-7-27 13:5:33 by jbox]: Oh let me say this, the platter was delicious but I have one suggestion. Lose the dinner roll, and add some sweet corn bread. I probably would have fainted if they had mixed that lethal combo.