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Ahhhh... Finally. Someplace where the Padres can feel comfortable. There was much too much too much pressure being in first place. IF we hang out at .500 for a while, eventually, somebody will pass us and we can slide back into second place. Third with any luck. Fourth? A man can dream can't he?

The thenerdhater turned me on to this article about Kevin Towers and Phil Nevin. Basically, the article breaks down what we all know about Kevin Towers and Phil Nevin. And what we all know is that Kevin Towers dislikes Phil Nevin so much that it makes him do completely crazy insane things that make no sense. It's a lot like Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny. Elmer Fudd always seems to start those cartoons off perfectly reasonably, but by the end of the day he's dressed in drag and smoking sticks of dynamite like they were cigars. That's what white blinding hate for somebody does to you. That's what's happened to Kevin Towers. Just last night... He was wearing a tie. You tell me if he hasn't lost it.

Also, it looks like Bochy, despite his best efforts, lost his mayoral bid. I guess that means we'll see more wackiness in the lineup. I'm hoping he starts Dave Roberts at shortstop and Khalil at first. Make it like little league. Put guys at all kinds of different positions just so to give the stat guys fits.