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Smoke! Padres get Nevin! Or keep Nevin.... Or ummm...

Nevin's a Padre! And Nevin does what I think we all pretty much expected him to do. Now the real question becomes which team will the Padres actually get this deal done with?

Apparently, Nevin's willing to take a "diminished role". What does that mean for Nady? For D.J.?

Personally, I'm glad we dodged the Ponson bullet although the blogger in me was looking forward to the wackiness that comes with somebody that psycho volatile running around San Diego.

Update [2005-7-25 21:12:25 by Dex]: See, over at Camden Chat they seem really irritated that the trade didn't happen. Whereas here, I'm thinking most Padres fans are kinda like, "Oh well." Although the "Heck no" answers were leading the poll. Maybe I'm not such a good meter.