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Nevin Watch 2

So I turned off the radio. It was a little depressing. And I cleared my mind. And this is what came of it.

  • Here's something great the Padres should do. Whenever there's a big deadline type of thing like this Nevin decision, they should have a chimmney somewhere in the park periodically pump black smoke signifying that the trade hasn't been made yet. Then, all the Padres fans could gather and wait for the white smoke signal that the trade has been made. And once that happens, we can rejoice in the streets.

  • I looked up Nevin's horoscope for today. It reads:
    If anyone knows how wonderful it is to have entertaining friends, it's you. You've spent a whole lot of time cultivating just such a crew, and you don't take their affection lightly. You also don't invite someone into that circle without considering how their company will add to it, or how their predecessors will take to them. So now that you're ready to open the books, be sure someone lets this fortunate newcomer know just how special the invitation really is.
    See, Nevin knows that you can't just add guys in. They have to be welcomed. It looks like Nevin's going to let Ponson join his circle of friends, but not before having a few words of advice for the new pitcher.

  • Meanwhile, here's Ponson's:
    You'll barge into work today on a mission: to let the Powers That Be, not to mention your subordinates, know exactly how indispensable you really are. Don't let anything -- or anyone -- hold you back.
    Wow. Ponson sounds psyched to get here. Man! He'll show up and pitch a shutout. Just you wait and see.