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Nevin Watch

Yesterday, on the broadcast, they mentioned that the last time the Padres had been swept in a six game road trip was in 2000. That was the magical Padres team that managed to go 10 games under .500. We've now, in the same season, been compared to a team that went to the World Series and a team that watched the playoffs on TV.

So what to do? Me, I'm listening intently on the radio to hear what Nevin does regarding this move. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want him to stay. I'm leaning towards wanting him to go, but I'd rather have somebody besides Ponson. Perhaps Ponson will chill out in San Diego. And maybe Nevin really is the reason the Padres haven't been back to the playoffs since '98.

Right now, the PAdres really don't look good. Thank goodness they're at home this week. At least we'll be able to write about ballpark food and the Pad Squad.