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What's in it for Nevin?

If the Padres aren't willing to threaten Nevin with taking away his playing time then there is really no reason Nevin would want to leave.  Actually I take that back.  Being on the East Coast in a pennant race with the Red Sox and Yankees could bring Nevin a lot more fame then he's going to get with the Padres or any other West Coast team.

Nevin's agent Axelrod talked with the Orioles and they told him that Nevin would be an everyday player at first base or as a DH.  So if the Padres decide to bench him then Nevin may consider the move more seriously.  It appears that he is considering it.

"I personally am surprised that he didn't reject it as quickly as he rejected the Cincinnati deal, that he's actually not said no," said Nevin's agent, Barry Axelrod.

But Nevin has a lot of reasons to want to stay with the Padres.  He's on a team in first place and he's the number four hitter.  He's a veteran player with a sweet contract and a no trade clause.  His family is currently building a new house in San Diego and they seem to like it here.  He's a California native and has always said that he wanted to stay on the west coast.

Though, the Padres may have succeeded in hurting his pride and may actually shame him into leaving:

"He's very emotional right now," Axelrod said. "It's very hard on him. He sat through the game and was then going to fly home on the team plane feeling like he's not a part of it anymore. Basically, he's looking forward to having a day away from it and spending it with his family. He's faced with explaining this to his 8-year-old son, who's a huge fan and loves being at the ballpark. It's tough duty."

The only way the Padres were going to get rid of him was to hurt him emotionally. My idea was to send him down to the minors until he demanded a trade, but this will work too. If he feels he's being ostracized by the team then he may actually want to take the fresh start in Balitmore.  I think that it would actually be good for him.  He'll probably do well there if he is moved.  He's been in a long rut and a change of scenery could really do him good.

The Padres obviously want him gone for several reasons.  Towers and other Padres management have publicly said they have a problem with Nevin's attitude.  His attitude was forgiven when he was playing well but at this point he could easily be replaced by Xavier Nady.  Towers and every Padres fan wants to find an everyday position for X. Nady.  Actually just about everybody except Bochy.  

Do the Padres really want Ponson?  His record has not been impressive this season and it appears that he has attitude and legal problems of his own.  The Pads need a fifth starter with Eaton's injury not healing properly.  I'm guessing that if the Pads do take Ponson then they are either going to have him fill in for Eaton and hope he snaps out of his funk or they are planning another trade with him. Ponson's last start was quality but he ended up losing because of a lack of offense, so he'll feel right at home with the Pads.

Padres management has been silent, so it's hard to say what they have planned.  I really don't think Nevin is going anywhere unless the Padres really have hurt him emotionally.  Who knew that Nevin had any emotion other then anger?

Well we'll find out Tuesday and the speculation can stop. Until then we have a much needed day off. Hopefully the Pads will be able to get some rest and re-focus themselves. Wins aren't going to come easy against the Cards. This could be a long losing streak if they don't get it together.