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Open Thread, 7/23: The excrement vs the air conditioning

Or... The shit has hit the fan.

All kinds of movement going on today. Scroll down to see Smooth Jazz Man's diary.

Also looking at the Padres looking to Joe Randa for minor leaguers. OH SNAP!

So this would shake down with another arm in the rotation, Nady on first, Randa on third. And that leaves Burroughs as odd man out.

I really don't think this would've gone down if Towers didn't have a place to move Burroughs to already established. What are we getting for Burroughs?

Oh and there's a baseball game going on today too.

Update [2005-7-23 15:41:31 by Dex]: I should say that Nevin is still waiting, but from what I can tell the Randa deal is done.

Update [2005-7-23 18:17:41 by Dex]: Over at Camden Chat they can't seem to get rid of Ponson quick enough. I mean, it's really getting embarrassing what some of the O's fans are willing to do to get Nevin over there. Stuff that shouldn't be put on a PG-13 blog like this one.

Also, I'm a little nervous about trading headaches. I mean, our headache is bad, but it's really not that bad. Joe Randa on the team goes a long way towards making my headache feel really good. The way those Orioles fans sound... They'd be getting rid of a screwdriver just behind the ear and receiving a slight hangover.

Is Ponson that important of a piece right now? I may be missing something.