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A Few Things

  • As if the ladies of Gaslamp needed more bad news, I saw on TV a couple days ago that Xavier Nady got engaged to his girlfriend. He's off the market! 
  • Pat O'Brien from Extra was on Summer Sander's sports show countdown thing. They were talking about Willie Mays playing in a Mets uniform at the end of his career.  Rehab Pat said "That would be like Mickey Mantle becoming... a PADRE!"  He said it with such disgust.  He was trying to think of the worst possible team and he even disgusted himself.  What a jerk.  They showed a photoshopped picture of Mantle in a yellow and brown Pads uni.  
  • "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" is actually the worst sports show ever.  Chris Rose and his frosted tips makes me sick.  Who cares what John Sally has to say about anything?  I hate that show.  I watched last night to see Leinart and Bush, but the interview was so dumb I had to turn it off.