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That didn't look so good

Padres lost today. That's three in a row. Remember back when the Padres were good? I'm thinking more and more that it might have been a fluke.

Xavier Nady playing center gave up one of the strangest triples I've ever seen. The ball was hit. He looked up. Planted himself. But just when you'd think the ball was going to end up in his glove, he jogged back a ways and picked up the ball as it landed well behind him. He had completely lost it. He lost it so bad, he didn't even think he had lost it. When a player loses the ball that bad, you expect them to to turn their hands up or shrug or something. He didn't do any of that. He lost it so bad he thought he had it.

But it's not all on Nady. I have more thoughts, but dinner calls.