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Open Thread, 7/20: Padres vs Mets

Woody (5-5, 4.15) vs Glavine (6-7, 4.71)

Another one of these 4:10pm starts. Do the Padres not have any sort of killer instinct? If Glavine struggles early, I really want to see runs get scored.

Also, what exactly is Bochy's problem with Nady? There must be something that he sees there that others don't. If there is, I want to trade Nady for somebody awesome. More pitching perhaps. What does Bochy think when he looks down the bench and he sees Nady sitting there? Does he really think that D.J. at third is the best option? When Nady's gone on hot streaks, he didn't get third base. In fact, it feels like it's just the opposite. That very same streak where D.J. couldn't stop hitting, didn't Nady hit three homers in three games?

It's starting to get very, very strange.

I have a theory though. Bochy is saving Nady as a secret weapon in the playoffs. By keeping the covers on him, nobody will think Nady's any sort of threat and then, like a ninja in the night, Nady will slit the opposing team's throats and leave them in a pool of blood and pine tar.

Update [2005-7-20 19:21:18 by jbox]:

Here's some nice pics of the team from the yesterday and the day before in New York