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Goodbye Adam

Adam Hyzdu's been traded back to Boston (3rd item down). He may have been a nobody to most Padres fans, but to Gaslamp Ballers, he may have been the Big League Hairiest of them all... Good luck Adam.

In other news... Carlos Ramon isn't recovering so good. This has gotta be hurting his cred with Boras, but maybe Boras sees it as a challenge. Let's see... "Inconsistent at the plate" we can call "Explosive on offense". We'll tell everybody that you have really good ankles. That'll make them forget about the wrist. Truthfully though, until Ramon really names his asking price, we shouldn't bag on him too much. The unhealing wrist just seems a little like retribution for even thinking of dealing with the devil.

Update [2005-7-20 11:36:41 by Dex]: I meant Ramon, but I put Carlos. I have no idea why I did that except that I really liked that Carlos Hernandez.