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Meeting John Weisbarth... Finally

It's me your old friend jbox.  I been on vacation for a long time...  powerful long.   My first full day back in San Diego and I got to meet Emmy Award Winner John Weisbarth.

I saw him across the room at the Bochy for Mayor Rally and a scream escaped from my lungs:  "WEISBARTH!"  It surprised even me.  He gave me a little wave.  Quickly, I told Dex that I was going to go talk to him.  Dex grabbed his VHS version of "Treasure" and we hurried over.  I introduced myself... "it's me jbox from".  I couldn't believe it but he actually seemed just excited to see us as we were to see him.  I know what you are thinking, maybe that's what they teach you when you are an on-air personality.  They teach you to be all fake nice.  No sirs and madams, John Weisbarth was genuine.  

Anyway he shook our hands and we thanked him again for the interview.  He told us that he was glad to do it.  Then we handed him the tape of "Treasure".  He looked at amazed, he obviously hadn't seen the tape for a long time.

 He told us how the kids on the front cover weren't even in the movie.  He's like "That kid in the blue shirt that's supposed to be me.  That fat kid, well he's not the same fat kid in the movie."  Weisbarth's cameraman friend was in awe of Weisbarth's famous past.

We took some pictures and we shook hands again, thinking that this would be the last time we'd see him.  

We went back to our seats at our table.  I gushed about how nice Weisbarth was.  Weisbarth is a real tall guy, I described him as a "tall drink of water".  There were smiles all around.

Meanwhile Weisbarth changed into his Bochy for Mayor gear.  

Then he comes over to the table again to wish Dex good luck in the Trivia Contest.  He tells us how the Bochy for Mayor guys went to Coronado High School with him, although they were a couple years younger.  He told us how John was in a band that was pretty popular back in the day and how they played on 91x and opened for Blink 182.  We are chit chatting and then Dex says "Should you be on the air right now with the pre game show?"  Weisbarth checks his watch and goes "you're right I gotta get outta here".  So Dex in effect saved the pre-game show.  He shook our hands again and went to change back into his "John Weisbarth Costume".  

Wow.  We gushed again.  Then as if by magic he stopped by one last time to wish Dex good luck and told him that he expected Dex to win because the other two contestants knew "nothing about the Padres or baseball".  He told us that the other guy contestant needed to ask what position Bochy played before the trivia game.  He thought Dex had it all wrapped up.  This only seemed to make Dex more nervous.

Some of you may ask me to describe the meeting in one word.  I'd answer you without a moments hesitation:  "thrilling".

There you have it.

Update [2005-7-2 20:40:13 by jbox]:

Also let me say that the Bochy for Mayor guys seem real nice. I only met David but he was a real good guy and thanked us about six times for coming. Not to mention it was real good of them to have Dex on the show. Dex said all the rest of the dudes were real nice too. They brought the shirts that he had ordered on line with them to the game. They go the extra mile for you... and why not? Bochy would do it.