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May and Redding

Well they finally moved May and Redding. See you boys down the road. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I was hoping Redding would find his form here in San Diego, but he really didn't. I also was hoping that May would come through, but he really didn't. But thank goodness I'll never have to watch either of them pitch for us again this season.

So welcome Paul Quantrill. I'm such a huge Quantrill fan, you don't even know. And the only reason I'm such a big fan of his is because we were able to move May and Redding.

Eaton's still out though so it likely means that my prediction of one start at AAA from Astacio won't come true (unless he's starting today). I predict that they'll go ahead and bring Astacio up right off and let him spot start.

Oh and there's a bunch of stuff from yesterday's game. I was on TV! We also got some good photos, but jbox has them all on his camera. I don't think they'll go up just yet. But as a teaser, there's a little something special in the photos for Richard and Lance of Friar Faithful. Oh it's so good.