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PG-13: Comic-Con comes to the Gaslamp

This is the new van that we just bought to drive to the Comic-Con. Sick right? The wheels are a little jacked though.

Batman is paying for the rickshaw with change from his bat utility belt. Hilarious!

Have you noticed that we only wear Bochy for Mayor shirts. We have no other clean clothes. Jon is standing with a bunch of Star Wars characters. Did you know that they based the character of Han Solo on Jonny Dub?

Dudes if you aren't 13 or older DON'T be clicking read more!

Remember when Jon and Dex got autographs from Dave Roberts? Well they might have been happier with this WWE beauty.

Where's Jonny Dub's hand?


This is reminiscent of Dex's cracker Jack picture, except this time he is G.I. Joe.