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I saw Bill Murray at the Friday night Pads game

It's true.  I saw Bill Murray at the game.  "Other Kev" spotted him as we were leaving our seats at the end of the game.  He made quick eye contact with him and Bill looked away real quick, he didn't want to be recognized.  He had a big white floppy hat on.  He was also with two kids and what might have been his ex-wife.

I went to go have a look and I walked beside him.  Nobody recognized him at all.  He had that goofy walk that you don't realize Billy Murray has until you see it.  I didn't want to bother him because his family was there, but I also knew that you wouldn't believe me. Good thing I had my camera.

I have definitive proof! I have similar pictures where I expose the truth about the noble Sasquatch.

Murray is a Cubs fan, but I'm pretty sure he lives in Del Mar for part of the year. I could be mistaken though. He was looking a little old.