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Friday's Ball Game

Friday nights ball game was fun. I went with Kevin from work (not Kevin from gaslamp). We sat in Field level above Dex so we could watch his crazy antics from on high.

I called Dex on his cell phone so that I could wave to him. In a high pitched voice I kept saying "I see yooou! I see yooou!"

At one point in the game the outta town scoreboard started freaking out and a bunch of random numbers started flying around on top of the scores. Then the numbers formed into this block. The picture is above. I thought I was like Russell Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind". I started whispering to myself, trying to figure out the secret Padres code. They wanted me to know something. I kept thinking to myself... "I'm a genius! I knew it all along!" Content that I knew I was a genius, I went back to eating my RJ Slugger Hot Dog.

Oh this is good... Kev from Gaslamp just reminded me of something. Foul Ball Guy was there again, sitting next to Dex. A pop fly was hit right to Dex and this S.O.B. F.B.G. cuts Dex off and sticks his glove out to catch the fly. The fly misses his glove. It was an easy catch, a can of corn if you will. He missed it. The crowd started booing the hell out of him. It was great. He deserves it. He put his glove over his face in shame, like he was trying to laugh it off. I could tell it really hurt him though. Only thing that sucks is his buddy got the ball off the ground. Oh and then FBG jumps up and down in front of the ball girl trying to get another ball. What is with this guy?

Let's see what else? Oh Sara and Jess's Dad were on the Jumbo-tron for a long time and they didn't even realize it. I tried to take a picture but I wasn't quick enough.

Oh there is one more thing. I SAW A CELEBRITY! New post coming soon...