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Open Thread, 7/16: Padres vs Diamondbacks

Peavy (7-3, 3.14) vs Vargas (3-4, 6.70).

At the game last night, this woman was complaining about Linebrink when he first came into the game. I asked her why she didn't like Linebrink and she said, "He always loses games. He's the worst pitcher on the team."

Now, obviously, you and I know better. I tried to defend him, but she said, "I bet you a nickel he gives up this run here."

A nickel, eh? Easy money. I said, "I got a nickel."

Just before his first pitch, I yelled, "Here you go, Scotty! I got a nickel on you!" And of course, that's when he gave up the game tying homerun.

Just my luck, I didn't actually have a nickel on me. (Who carries nickels?) So I owe this woman a nickel and it's been reaffirmed in her head that Linebrink is the worst pitcher in our bullpen.

If I ever say something like that, where my limited vision has made me believe something not true about our Padres, please correct me. Or if Linebrink sucks, then let me know also so that I don't lose any more nickles.


Jbox, Jonny Dub and I are going to Comic-con today. I love Comic-con. So fun. So many free things. I think I'll buy Flight 2. One of my favorite artist/writers is Jeff Smith of Bone fame and he's a contributer to Flight 2. If you're into that sort of thing, then check him out. No unicorns, but there's ratlike monsters and talking animals.

Go Padres!