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Padres are a mess!

This team is a mess, from top to bottom, left to right.  The Pads do not deserve to be in first place the way they are playing.  They've settled.  They are perfectly content to just keep losing until some other team gets the nads to take first place from them.

You know how I feel right now?  I feel like when you see an amazingly hot chick with a total scrub.  If the Padres were the fat slob who was over achieving and playing way out of their league that would be one thing.  I still wouldn't be happy.  I'd be like "At least clean yourself up and act like you deserve her".  But we are not the scrub, my friends, we are the hot chick. We are slumming it.  We have all the talent we need, we have the new ball park, we have 1st place (for now), but we don't care.  We'd rather play like a bunch of hobos, giving it away to any scrub team (umm, no offense D-Backs... kinda) that comes along.  We are totally oblivious to the fact that we are hanging with a bunch of sucky teams.  We should be 10+ games up on our nearest competitor in the NL West... AT LEAST!  We shouldn't be giving these dorks the time of day.  These bunch of teams keep looking over their shoulder like they can't believe they are sticking this close to us.

The Pads need an intervention, or they need to hit rock bottom to wake them up.  If we don't win the NL West it will be a f'n tragedy.

Oh and sorry about all the Elisha Cuthbert pics but I saw a picture of her mooch fiance on VH1 during a commercial break of the Padres game and I got upset.