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What's the buzz?

Where will A.J. Burnett end up? Personally, I think he'll stay with the Marlins, but apparently Philly Billy on 1090 is psyched at the possibility that Burnett is coming to the Padres. With relievers coming at a premium these days, the Padres are loaded. Loaded, I say.

Though it's been reported that Ramon's hired Boras, 1090 is also reporting today that it's not a done deal, though they believe it will be a done deal shortly. Boras is a scary scary dude with his hypnotic magicks and science fiction rock star incentives.

"My client wants 14 years at 14 million a year. He also wants three Eggo waffles lightly toasted before every game. One regular Eggo, one blueberry and one strawberry Eggo. Before he eats his waffles, he wants a Pad Squadder to come in and try to grab one waffle at which point, my client will say, 'Leggo my Eggo'... Yes, for reals."