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All-Star Ratings

Apparently the ratings for the game are down again this year. Oh everybody's got their reasons. The one reason that nobody seems to want to point out is the fact that nobody likes Fox when it comes to baseball.

I wish NBC or ABC would get ahold of the All-Star Game and World Series. I truly, deeply, with all my heart believe that if you showed the game while providing solid commentary and kept the "extras" to a minimum, you'd attract more people to watch. NBC and ABC would approach the game in a much more dignified manner. On NBC you'd probably get Costas and a voiceover before the game by Kevin Costner or Morgan Freeman talking about Baseball. Not just baseball, but Baseball. On ABC you'd end up with Joe Morgan, but at least they'd keep the wackiness to a minimum.

As it is, Fox plays it like they're worried about losing people. Almost as if at any moment, the people who are tuning in will suddenly realize that baseball is boring and they'll change the channel. That's why we get crap like Joe Buck letting us know that the cast of the O.C. is "in the house". And there are microphones everywhere. And don't get me started on the special effects again. My God. It's overload. Who's producing these things? Don't they realize that the point of broadcasting the game is in fact to broadcast the game? I'm telling you. Fox has non-sports fans in charge. NBC or ABC would put a sports fan in charge.

Here's what non-sports fans don't get. Us sports fans... We just like to watch the game. It's a kick in the crotch shocker, but it's true. You, as a non-sports fan, may not believe it. Or you may believe it when it comes to whatever sports you like to watch, but you don't believe it when it comes to baseball (or football, or what have you).

Worse is the constant cramming of commercials down our throats. Over and over again. Watch Fox! Watch Fox! Holy tamole. These people wonder why nobody watches the commercials? I heard you the first time. I get it. Stop yelling at me.

Fox should just stick to the game. Stick to intelligent commentary even if it's a game where you might potentially have non-sports fans watching. If you really want to go for broke and glam it up... make it a huge spectacle... then that's possible too, but whatever this is that we've been getting isn't the way to do it.