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Fox Broadcasts

During the All-Star Game, I mentioned how I disliked Fox's broadcasts. They add a ton of extra sound effects and computer graphics that distract from the game. Every time the out of town scores show up, there's a WOOSH and a ZING and Megatron shows up on the TV with a bat. All so I can find out how Philly's doing against the Pirates or something. It's so busy. It's like George Lucas got ahold of a bunch of broadcasts and decided to add his special magic touch to the proceedings. When I'm watching a Fox broadcast I fully expect CGI creatures to be wandering the outfield to go along with all the science fiction fanfare.

I don't like it so much.

Now I read this article talking about how Joe Buck and Tim McCarver commented about a banner during the All-Star Game that turned out to be a paid advertisement for Chevy. Only instead of just mentioning that Chevy's one of the sponsors they pretended like it was something some crazy fans did.

It may not seem like such a big deal to you, but it's just another data point against Fox Sports for me. I'm watching you, Fox Sports! You're on my list!