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Peavy held in reserve role

It's pretty disappointing to this Padres fan that Peavy may not get a chance to pitch tonight.

Peavy might not pitch in this All-Star Game. Then again, he could be the NL's pitcher of record.

NL pitching coach Dave Duncan of the Cardinals said he would probably keep Peavy in reserve to be the last pitcher used by the NL.

"Because of the new rules, you need to have one last guy who can work two or three innings if the game is tied and goes into extra innings," said Duncan. "Jake is rested and I've learned he's not scheduled to start until Saturday."

 There are plenty of Cardinals on the roster.  How about holding a Saint Louis pitcher as a reserve?  There are only four Cardinal starters on the team, with another as a reserve.  I'm sure Saint Louis fans would be okay with seeing 4 of their players instead of 5 out on the field.  

Of course Jake is nothing but gracious.

"This game has already given me so much," he said. "I already owe it. I know that. I can never repay the debt."

 If LaRussa is sincere when he says he wants to win tonight then play Peavy.

--Disappointed in Detroit