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Thoughts after a Padres Loss

  • The Pads were involved in the lowest scoring game ever in Coors Field today. The Pads had plenty of opportunities to tie or win the game. Geoff Blum swinging at ball 4, when Fuentes was struggling to find the plate after two base on balls was the most painful moment. Blum later struck out looking on a full count.
  • If you would have told me at the beginning of the season that the Padres would be leading the NL West at the All Star break, I would have been psyched. I am glad, but I would have thought that a first place team would play a little bit better. The Padres are making dumb mistakes, wasting great pitching performances and doing very little with their offense. It's going to be great to get Loretta back, but Damian Jackson has been the second most productive hitter lately. You really need to find a place for him when he's this hot. Maybe move him to third, put Burroughs on the bench until he comes around? Nady also needs a spot in this line up. I'm just not sure what the answer is at this point.
  • I rarely read anything on the Padres Message boards.  But I got onto the UT's tonight.  I was just reading old messages and I came across one of our pictures of the Pad Squad! Here's the post. Here's a response to this post that talks about John Weisbarth.
  • Is the Rally Shillelagh officially dead? I guess so since they've been losing. I haven't heard any talk of it for a good month. Mark Grants hasn't been on the broadcasts recently, maybe that's it. Reader tfast mentioned this site recently in her comments. I'm not real sure what to think about this. It's obviously someone trying to capitalize on Mark Grants idea to make a quick buck. The reviews of the merchandise aren't really to positive either. They rely on the "Shillelagh Girl" to do most of the promotion. Looks like they send her out to bars to sell the shirts. If you look at the pictures just right, she'll wink at you.