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Open Thread, 7/10: Padres vs Rockies

[editor's note, by Dex] I'm sorry about the following post. I wrote it, posted it, and then immediately realized that I must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. If the Padres, baseball gods forbid, should lose this game, I'd still root for them to make the post season.

And so we get Astacio up against baby face Jeff Francis. This is a must win game.

Honestly, no disrespect to the Rockies, but if the Padres can't win a series against this team at this point in the season, then they have no business going to the playoffs and I honestly would hope that they don't make it so as not to embarrass themselves.

I know that sounds rough, but it's the way I feel right now. And I don't care about injuries. I don't care about the Coors field excuse. I don't care about "Jeff Francis has good numbers against us". Those are all silly excuses. You know, as well as I do, that if the Padres lose today, then they should hang their heads in shame and give first place in the NL West to the SurfDawgs.

(Must've eaten some sour grapes....)