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We made it to Friday!

High fives all around. Quick links as I have to get back to boning up on Bochy for this afternoon's Outta Left Field Challenge. If you're already coming to the game, then head out a little early, and catch the Bochy For Mayor Challenge.

Here's the quick links:

  • If you're not one to check the comments, tfast went off on SI in the comments yesterday. I mean, went off.

  • Ducksnorts mailbag digs up a reader who points out that our opponents are killing us at PetCo with doubles. On the one hand, it is disappointing, but on the other hand, we're still tied with St. Louis for the second best home record in the National League, so it's not exactly going to make me push my panic button.

  • More on Astacio. I predict he makes one start at AAA before joining the big club. That is, assuming he doesn't get eaten by a wild animal while in Portland.

  • Tom Krasovic, in the UT, calls Brian Lawrence Mr. Reliable. Yeah, but when B-Law has an off day. He really looks off. Maybe this is a PR push.

  • Also, I finally got the rest of the pictures back from our Cooperstown trip, so I'll be posting those along with a little weird, quasi-interview I had with the VP of Education and Communication for the Hall.
Stuff to read while we waited with baited breath for jbox to post again.