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Open Thread, 6/8: San Diego vs Cleveland

The shillelagh will be making an appearance to-NIGHT. Troy Johnson said so.

Are you guys watching Outta Left Field? Geoff from Ducksnorts will be on soon. For Channel 4 viewers only though...

Also, if you're on Channel 4 tonight, watch for our commercial sometime just before 8 tonight.

Let's go, Peavy! You got the Padres Blog Army all over the TV tonight giving you crazy karma PLUS the Rally Shillelagh.

Cleveland, you dudes won't know what hit you.

Oh by the way, if you're at the Padres Store, be sure to pick up one of the Oh Say Can You Sing? CDs. Ben Broussard and Coco Crisp from the Indians are on the disc along with our very own Scotty "Lights Out" Linebrink.