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Brian Giles to the Indians?

From Ben Maller:

It stands to reason, Brian Giles, 34, would like to stay in San Diego. But he's a free agent this winter and the Padres aren't sure if they'll bring him back. If the Indians' offense doesn't rebound in the last four months of the season, they'll be looking for hitters this winter. What would Giles say if they looked his way? He'd be interested. "My time is running out and I want to win," said Giles. "They have a lot of good young players over there."

You have to wonder if this was the reason that Brian Giles was the only Padre to comment on Moores plan to never spend money again.  Brian Giles commented on Moores not wanting to spend anymore money:  

"They're going to have to do something because of what happened last year," said Padres outfielder Brian Giles, referring to the regrettable Ismael Valdez deal. "If they don't do it for us, they're going to have to do something to sell it to the fans."

Speaking of that article.  A local Sports guy on the news asked Kevin Towers his opinion of this plan not to spend money.  Kevin said that we misunderstood John Moores.  He said John Moores would spend money if we are still in the race in mid July.  Credit to the Sports interviewer, he asked a follow up question.  "John Moores was pretty clear with his statement.  He said he wouldn't spend anymore more money, how could we have misunderstood that?"  KT back pedals and says there are ways to get players without increasing the payroll.  I say Dex and Jonny hammer KT with questions about this during their Pizza Meet and Greet.

Also if you are keeping count here's some numbers for you:

  • The Pads haven't scored in the last 22 innings

  • The Pads have been shut out 3 of the last 5 games

  • Amount of money John Moores is willing to spend 0 dollars