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Padres Odds and Ends

  • There is an article and picture of Surf Dawg Rickey Henderson in the new issue of that waste of paper Rolling Stone Magazine.  Do yourself a favor and don't bother with the article or the magazine.  Big quarter page picture though.
  • On ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball Joe Morgan and Jon Miller were talking about the role of the closer.  Joe Morgan went on to mention every closer who ever closed a game except Trevor Hoffman, the best closer who ever lived.  Jon Miller didn't chime in he just mentioned more closers who aren't even close to 400 saves.  
  • Is Bochy ever getting that contract extension?  Sandy pretty much promised an announcement this home stand and we are still waiting.  Are they waiting for him to lose a few more games so they can low ball him?  Or is Bochy holding out, because John Moores refuses to spend anymore money on the team.
  • Apparently the "Little Star" (kids announcers) are chosen at random and they aren't all kids of Padres Execs from Rancho Santa Fe like I guessed.  Must have been a coincidence that I heard so many in a row.  This time I let it slide, but I'll be watching you Padres Execs!  No funny business!
  • We are still waiting on Kev to write up an article about how he saw John Weisbarth get hit in the head with a ball in SF a few weekends ago.  Kev says he was all oiled up and tanning in the bleachers and home run bounced and hit him in the dome.  We tried searching for video, but no luck.  Keep bugging Kev til he writes up the full story.
  • Watching baseball the other night I wonder how a new baseball player starts patting other players on the butt.  How does it happen?  You get patted and then return the favor?  Or you feel that if you don't do it you will get black balled by the team?  Why not a pat on the back?  How did this get started and how has had the staying power?
  • Jake Peavy has some severe respitory infection and there is barely any word on his health and I can't help but feel that if Jeter had a tummy ache ESPN would run a mini series about it.