Fer Schurrr, Dude!


This Cubs fan and 20+ year San Diegan certainly enjoys this blog -- and I'd like to relate a rather interesting evening I had at Petco Thursday....

So, there I was in the Toyota Terrace -- just right of HP. The section was populated by about 80% Cubs for a couple of Pads fans on my left....and later on...another couple....those who most Easterns think (wrongly) are the REAL Padres fans.

The young couple on my left -- way into the game. She, (a very attractive blonde) more than he. She was not only reacting to favorable Padres action, she was aware of what Derrick Lee was accomplishing -- reaching base 10 straight times. In fact she was so into all of the storyline -- I could easily overhear her boyfriend say "I thought you were a Padres fan?" She said, hey -- there's good stuff going on here attention.
It was obvious this girl played some type of ball -- and was probably pretty darn good.

Now -- in the 5th come the Padre fans from hell. Another couple -- he, rather young. Late 20's perhaps. She -- older...late 30's. (Hey, it's only fair if WE can chase the young ones -- so can the girls) Problem is, they spent the first 4 inning at Dick's Last Resort....they are way drunk. She sits down next to me...looks around.....sees Cubs fans everywhere and yells "What the hell is going on? There are Cubs fans everywhere? This is wrong!"  Well, the rest of us are watching the game, trying to avoid her rant (Note: she's gorgeous. Think Salma Hayek)
but she turns to me and yells: Are you from Chicago? I say -- well, yeah, but I've lived here 22 years. She's now about to explode: "WHAT? YOU'VE LIVED HER 22 YEARS AND YOU ARE STILL A CUBS FAN? THAT'S DISGUSTING! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?"
I ask her "You're a good Padres fan, right? What if you had to leave San Diego -- I know you'd still follow the Padres!" I'm lying, but hey, when a woman who looks like Selma Hayek calls you disgusting for wearing a Cubs polo shirt -- hey, I trying to play catch-up here. (Besides, her cleavage is...absolutely amazing.) She mumbles something...either my line of reasoning is sinking in...or it's just the Steinlagers getting to her.

While this is going on, the young pup boyfriend yelling over and over and over: Padres! First Place! Padres First Place! (The Cubs are batting) and then he yells to all of us around -- "So -- No Sosa, No Prior, whadda think of that."
The Cubs fan behind him, wearing a 1959 Ernie Banks jersey says -- "Well, we're winning, 5 to nothing. So, so far, so good. Where have you been?
It's the 5th inning?"  (Now remember, all of their conversations are in "yell mode") So, of course, he gets into the profanity part of their discussion...and orders 2 beers. They then...vanish.

The server brings 2 beers, and places them under their seats. (It's the bottom of the 6th) A guy comes by...sits down.....he's there for the inning...and leaves. Selma and her boy toy the 8th (Yelling) "Where's our beers?" I say -- "a guy was sitting there while you were gone. I'll bet he took them. I saw the server place them there for you." They start yelling at the shut them up, she gets them replacement beers, for free (and it's the 8th inning -- past cut off time?)

The Good Padres fan next to me is also noticing this psychodrama and she says to me -- "They haven't a clue, right?" I say -- "I think they do know they are at Petco. I'm not sure about anything. (At this time, I think she was explaing the balk rule to her boyfriend)

Anyway, the Evil Padres fans slink off, in the  and my count, they probably saw about 2 and a half innings of baseball.

All teams have their good fans and their evil fans. Usually, you don't have the rare opportunity to experience them simultaneously. In any event -- for this Cubs fan, it was a very entertaining night at Petco. (Especially with the victory)

Now, I'm hoping to see the Padres sweep the White Sox. Can you take care of that for me?

And another note -- support "Sluggers Chicago Dogs" at Park & Market. Great Vienna Chicago Dogs -- and remember. NO KETCHUP.

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