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Have they left yet?

Good job, Cubs. Can you guys leave now? And on your way out east, can you tell the Cubs fans that live in San Diego that they can go ahead and root for the Padres again? I don't mind that the Pads are their second favorite team. I just like seeing fans at the park rooting for the home team. Thanks.

It really looked like the Padres were going to touch up Zambrano this game. By the time Zambrano had walked his third batter to start the game, his shoulders were slumped. He was rolling his eyes and looking at the sky. He was defeated, but the Padres let him back up.

Then, given a chance to prove himself, Nady comes up short also. Botching a play in left and then not able to do much at the plate.

Phil Nevin continued his hit streak, but he also continued to prove my theory that when he does well, the Padres don't. I blame Nevin.

Actually, it was more likely the bug that's going around the clubhouse. Maybe if these guys weren't always touching the other guys' hair, these kinds of viruses could be contained. As it is, they're just too lovey dovey to keep the bug from spreading. It's a small price to pay for their usual excellence.

Moores doesn't plan on spending any money to upgrade the team to make a World Series run. That's a little disappointing.

"The trick is not to give away too much for a late-season run," Moores said. "Clubs make incredibly stupid decisions in the offseason, and they're making decisions during the season that are mind-bogglingly stupid.

"Even though I think this is going to be a good year for us, I don't want us to ruin this year and the year after."
Is he talking about our team? He must be talking about us.


Randy Myers. Steve Finley. Ruben Rivera. Wiki Gonzalez. Ben Davis. Matt Bush. Jeff Cirillo. No trade clause after no trade clause after no trade clause...

Moores, if you're afraid of looking stupid, then sitting on your hands isn't gonna save you. If somebody's stupid, they're gonna look stupid whether they do something or not. May as well take a shot and say you tried than do nothing and say "At least we didn't look stupid."