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Open Thread, 6/5: Padres vs Every Single Midwest Transplant to San Diego Going Back 80 Years

Well, the Cubs sure do seem to have our number right now, don't they? I guess it doesn't help that half the club is sick as a dog right now including today's former starter, the wicked witch of the west, Jake Peavy. We do get Woody Williams back. The first of a few guys who've been out.

Jbox is running the Rock and Roll Marathon right now. Actually, if my calculation is correct, he should be finishing up as I'm writing. That, or he's already dead on the side of the road. I hope he's not dead. There wouldn't be anybody to post the open threads while I'm gone on vacation next week.

Here's some karma...

  • Bleed Cubbie Blue's open thread.

  • A link to the Goat Riders of the Apocalypse

  • A link to Smooth Jazz Man's diary, Fer Schurr, Dude! SJM, a loyal Cubbies fan, details his experience with a true Friar Faithful and Evil Padres Fan. I hate those evil Padres fans. They tempt you with their glorious cleavage and then make you realize that glorious cleavage can be a cover for a mean heart. It's a good lesson.
Also, to tfast, we're not affiliated with the Bochy For Mayor campaign. We just feel the voters in San Diego should be aware of alternative options.

Also, also, be sure to check out the new CD featuring Scott Linebrink and my appearance on BaseballMuse Radio. Sorry if I sound hyper. Brandon also writes the BaseballMuse Blog which has great baseball opinion and commentary. I should listen regularly as my fantasy team is struggling.