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A few random thoughts

At Petco they let kids introduce the first batter of the 3rd inning.  But it seems like it always sounds like this:

Real Announcer:  Now to introduce the first batter is  10 year old Dakota Jacobs from Rancho Santa Fe

(in little kids high voice)
Kid:  Now Batting Center Fielder Dave Roberts!

I'm not joking when I say that every kid I've heard this year has been from Rancho Santa Fe.  Can we get some kids from Chula Vista or El Cajon?  Do all the kids have to be children of rich Padres executives?  Come on now.

Why do people love the ball girls so much?  People fall all over themselves to kiss up to the ball girls.  Especially that lady Nina.  "Hey Nina look at me!  Nina can I have a ball? Nina look, I'm standing on my head!"

Ridiculous.  I heard she is the wife of one of those Radio DJ morning zoo guys "Jeff & Jer".  I don't know which one but I think it's the fat one.  Actually I just googled and it looks like they are divorced now.  Anyway she sits there with her uni and diamond encrusted watch and get so much attention.  People are so impressed by the smallest bit of celebrity.

Pad Squad will sometimes sit right in front of us before they go out to water balloon launch t-shirts into the crowd.  Last night we were disappointed with two guys coming down.  I was like "that's not the Pad Squad!  we want the real Pad Squad!"  Dex was funny he said "That's not a ball! We want a real ball!"  Anyway, Pad Squad eventually did their thing and I gotta say I like Pad Squad Veronica's sense of style.  She was wearing her nylon pant legs up high to show off fake sock baseball stirrups.  That's sick!

I been real busy recently so I haven't read Dex's boo bird post yet.  But let me just say that I was disappointed in Pads fans booing B-Law the other night.  We need this guy!  He needs your support!  We are playing well right now, lets not jump all over the guy, we need to give him some help when he's struggling, instead of booing him.  Leave that to NY fans.  

Last night Dex and I filled out probably 200 all star ballots. We were sitting there like two old ladys doing their knitting. We raced every once in awhile. I was fast. Here's the trick:

Phil Nevin and Loretta are on the second line far right. Skip Khalil. Ramon and Burroughs are top far right. Let your thumb find Khalil dead center. Outfield is tough, Giles over on the right. Klesko and Roberts far left bottom. Quickly!