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Something hilarious

I somehow missed this Bill Center article from the UT the other day about a recent prank that Brian Giles pulled on Dave Magadan. The joke is, that Gilly wanted Dave Magadan to believe that they both use the H262 LS bat as opposed to one of the more popular LS bats like the MT141C or the MLB125BCB. The thing was they don't make the H262s anymore so Brian had them specially ordered and was straightfaced in showing them off.

Mags, of course, was ecstatic and all like, "Dude! That's the H262! I could've sworn you use the MLB9AS or a MM195C! That's awesome!"

And so Brian giggled on the inside as Magadan marveled over the bat which of course was a custom design by Keith Hernandez based on the popular C271 and was only used by a few batters.

Eventually, Brian let Mags in on the joke and Magadan balled his hands up into fists and punched them into his hips while giving Brian one of those looks. The Oh you got me good look.

I guess that's funny. Maybe you find it funnier, but there have been better.

So, here's how I rank that Gilly prank among the rest:

  1. Brian tricks Dave Magadan into thinking they both use the H262 Louisville Slugger.

  2. Brian answers "Ping-pong" to question "What sport would you play if you weren't playing baseball?"

  3. Brian catches Anna Kournikova's ceremonial first pitch, fakes the hug, then fools her good by slipping a little tongue on the sexy tennis star.

  4. Brian teabags Scott Kaplan from the Mighty 1090.

  5. Brian, completely naked, gets Bill Center's attention by calling his name and then waving his 5th tool at the veteran newsman.

You may wonder about those top two, but seriously, that's pretty funny in a really inappropriate, frat house humor, sort of way. It's funnier than the bat thing, but I guess to really get the joke, you had to be there.