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For dinner last night, I had this Emmeril Kicked Up Sausage in these buns that jess got that come precurled. They're called Snuggles. I recommend them as they're delicious and, unlike traditional buns, won't tear at the bottom once you get your hot dog or sausage link in there.

Here's some links:

  • Washington Post's Dave Shenin covers the Towers/Alderson relationship. This clubhouse ain't big enough for the both of us! It's written a little dramtically as I don't think there's really any problems in the front office.

  • Jay Paris projects a new pitcher. Zito? Moyer? More pitching! I love pitching. As Paris says, "To date, the Padres have mostly offered Peavy, Lawrence, Eaton ---- then two beatings."

  • Everybody will be healthy soon. So enjoy the Amazing Xavier Nady and the Action Jackson Show while you can.
More as the off day continues...