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Here's a good article about Moonlight Graham in case you missed it today. Today's the 100th anniversary of Moonlight Graham's one game in the majors. The article is very good.

In other news, the Dodgers have our number. As Emcee Emmerson points out in the comments:

You can always say

They haven't beat a team not named the Padres since June 12th, but that's sorta slapping your own face at the same time.

4-12 since then, all four against our team...

In other, other news, I watched the Marlins take on the Braves today. Actually I started watching in the ninth and I went over to FishStripes to hang out and they suddenly came back after one of their readers drew a Rally Marlin midgame. Maybe we should have an art contest, cause seriously, Marlins didn't have much business winning that game till the Rally Marlin showed up.