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Bochy for mayor rally and trivia challenge

We're going to the Bochy for Mayor Rally this Friday and I'll get the opportunity to participate in the Outta Left Field Challenge. I'll, of course, be wearing my slick Bochy for Mayor t-shirt. With any kind of luck, Jess will have her brand new "Bruce Bochy has a posse" t-shirt which are available for purchase, but will likely not ship in time. I'm hoping we can get one of the Bochy for Mayor guys to bring one if they're printed in time so we can check it out.

If you're not familiar with Outta Left Field, it's the pre-pre-game show that they do from the Hall of Fame Bar and Grill on top of the Western Metal Supply Co. Building. It's hosted by Troy Johnson who's an amazingly hyper guy, which is wonderful.

I mean "wonderful" literally. When I watch the show, I often wonder how he gets that hyper. What kind of caffeinated substance does he take beforehand? Was he in drama in high school or did this come later in life? Did anybody else just catch the fact that he seriously cracked on that guest just now? Does his pelo qualify as Big League Hair? I am filled with wonder.

The show's basically Padres talk. Never gets too deep. Doesn't necessarily stay so much on topic, though they generally do a good job of getting everything in. They seem to spend a lot of time talking about their fantasy teams.

That's basically the show. And on the show they have the Outta Left Field Challenge wherein they take three contestants and ask them trivia. They always have "Padre or Not a Padre" where they stick a few made up names in with some real names. Then they ask several trivia questions while Troy makes fun of you for getting trivia about your favorite player wrong.

So I'm formulating a strategy for the Challenge. First off, Padre not a Padre. I'm planning on reading through's San Diego page and just memorizing every single Padre who ever wore the uniform. Brent Strom? Yes, Troy. That's a Padre. Snuffle Uffagus? I'm going to guess no.

For the general Padres trivia portion, I'm going to re-read the shortsightedly titled book, The San Diego Padres 1969-2002: A Complete History. If there's trivia from 2003-2005 that I don't know, then I don't deserve to win me whatever it is they win on that show. What do we win? I'm hoping for t-shirts and an opportunity to talk to Weisbarth so I can get my VHS copy of Treasure signed.

When he asks who my favorite player is, I think I'll say Xavier Nady. Of course, that means I'll have to learn everything there is to know about Nady in case a question about him comes up. If I miss that question, Troy will crack on me. I'd rather be able to write a blog entry about how I dominated Outta Left Field Challenge, as opposed to writing a blog entry about Troy Johnson cracking on me and getting laughed at by everybody in the place. That's my preference. You, as the reader, will come out ahead either way.

Afterwards, I gotta talk to one of the Bochy for Mayor guys and figure out who their silk screener is so we can get going on some t-shirts.

If you're planning on going to the game Friday, then join us beforehand at the rally and root for me on the Challenge. Or better yet, if you don't have a ticket yet, just buy one of the packages. Park pass, mustache, t-shirt. You'll be good to go.