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Note and Rumor

Ken Modesti has a good piece about the state of the NL West in his column today. I especially like this part:

"Now is not the time to panic," Bochy said Monday afternoon -- not a quote you normally get from the first-place manager. "I know a lot of (NL West teams) are going through what we're going through."
What's funny about the article is Modesti's almost pleading with us to finish the rest of the teams off, if anything, just to make the division somewhat respectable. Cause right now... Ugh.

Meanwhile, this Boone rumor refuses to die. I suspect two things going on here:
  1. Seattle is leaking this to the media in an effort to drive Boone's value up to make him a likely candidate for another team

  2. Padres have given up on Sean burroughs
I say Sean Burroughs because, as has been pointed out in the comments, Boone or Loretta could play at third base. Also, not only is Loretta coming back eventually, the Damian Jackson/Geoff Blum show hasn't been so bad to watch. Also-Also, Eric Young is expected back within a week or two. If anything, we have too many second basemen.

That being said, I still think that the first option is the more likely one. Seattle's looking to squeeze a little more out of an unidentified party who really does need a Bret Boone at second base.

Hopefully it'll all pan out soon. In the meantime, which show has been more impressive to you? Action Jackson and the DJ show or the Amazing Adventures of Xavier Nady?