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Boone a Padre!?!?!

I noticed the Boone rumor earlier, but I didn't really comment on it. Are the Padres really suffering that badly with Loretta out? I think we're actually doing OK. Even taking the first couple weeks of June into consideration, you gotta figure, we're still in first place. The bottom part of the lineup is starting to come around. And honestly, what the heck do you do with Boone when Loretta actually does come back? Do we need that extra bat to win the division? I don't think so. Will we need that extra bat to go deep into the post season? Probably. But by then, Loretta should be back in action. I guess the argument could be made that Boone would be insurance in case Loretta doesn't return to form, but still.

The Jamie Moyer rumor is one that I see as more likely even though ESPN thinks otherwise. I don't see his 10-and-5 status as being a hinderance if there was a good enough offer presented. Moyer would be looking at moving to a playoff bound team, a pitcher friendly park (at least at night), and San Diego in the summertime. Guys build up their 10-and-5 status so they can deny moves until one like that comes along.