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Bochy For Mayor Rally


This Friday. Bochy for Mayor Rally. Wear your Bochy For Mayor t-shirt and head over to the Hall of Fame bar on top of the Western Metal Supply Co Building. The Bochy for Mayor group will be on Outta Left Field shaking down Troy Johnson. Then they're gonna take up all the spots on the balcony. We might have to get out to this thing just to participate in the wackiness.

I been wearing my Bochy For Mayor t-shirt around town. It's the hottest thing going. Here's the compliments I got, all on Friday night.

  • Oggi's Pizza lady: "That's the best shirt I've seen all day."

  • Lady in line at Oggi's Pizza: "Where'd you get that? The internet? They got everything nowadays." As if the internet is like one giant store like Wal-Mart or CostCo.

  • Oggi's Pizza dude that the Oggi's Pizza lady called over: "That is really good."

  • White hat, blue shirt frat guy: "Hey-HEEYYY!! Rock on, bro!"

  • Underage looking drunk chick hanging all over some dude: "Bochy for Mayeeeuuuuurrrrr!! All right!"
Jon likes to be the center of attention. He was so jealous.

Update [2005-6-27 14:2:6 by Dex]: Please note that they won't have anything for sale at the rally, so if you want to wear what everybody else has got, then you'll have to order your gear soon. Luckily they have a rally package available that gets you a t-shirt, ticket to the game, and authentic Bochy mustache to show your support.

Rallies are so rad. And their fries are really tasty too.

Update [2005-6-27 15:22:3 by Dex]: Also, if you do want in on that rally package, but you're worried about the postal service getting everything to you on time, you can make arrangements with the campaign to pick up your ticket and shirt just before the event. So accomodating that bunch. That's what it'll be like when Bochy's mayor.