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From the weekend

Padres take a real quick trip up to LA before coming home on Friday to face the Giants. Scheduler was even nice enough to give them a travel day off on Thursday. No travel day for travelling from San Diego to St. Louis. Nor Minnesota to San Diego. But the I-5 looks a little rough, so somebody thought enough to give our boys a full 24 hours to make it home in time.

Anyways, plenty of updates over the weekend as I tried to remember what went on at the Baseball Prospectus Pizza Feed. Plus the Padres won a series, so there were ramblings. It's fun when the Padres win. They seem to get more press that way.

Did you see the Damian Jackson show? Cause if you missed it, it was awesome. Those kinds of games are nice, because it's the sort of thing where you look at it and say, Damian Jackson carried us through that game. What, one homerun isn't enough to win this game? Here, have another one.

This review of the Damian Jackson Show has this curious quote from Woody:

"If I hadn't given up the three-run homer, Damian wouldn't be the hero," said starter Woody Williams, who cruised into the seventh with a 4-1 lead before Rene Rivera hit his first career home run to tie the score.
I've heard of players trying to get some face time on the backs of others, but a quick note to Woody: Giving up a three run homer doesn't exactly qualify you to take credit for much.

Somebody who could take some credit is the Amazing Xavier Nady, though to be honest, I'm not sure he's had enough bench time yet. On a weekend where Nady hits three homeruns in three games, Nady has the nerve to think he deserves to be an everyday player. I dunno, dude. I'm thinking maybe Ojeda deserves a shot at centerfield.