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Game Report Padres vs Rainiers

Padres took on their old rivals, the Rainiers today. Jake Peavy didn't quite have his stuff, but it didn't matter as the Padres decided to try to actually bring runners home as opposed to just getting them on base. Here's a strategy that some sabermetricians and APBA fanatics may not like, but PS2, Xbox and Gamecube fans will. If there's nobody on base, go for OBP. If there's somebody on base, go for slugging. And sometimes, even if there's nobody on base, it might not be such a bad thing to go for slugging anyway. At least that's how I play it on the PS2.

So, these unis... Slick, right? The Padres especially. I like the pinstripes. One thing Jon noticed was the fact that the hats don't say anything on them. I was thinking maybe they'd have the SD logo a la the visors we got on Friday. If they did, it would've been an easy sell for me to buy one. As it was, the pinstripes, knickerbockers, and striped socks were enough to set my fashion senses a flutter.

One of the other things Kevin Towers talked about at the Pizza Feed is Xavier Nady's playing time. You remember when Ojeda got the start in right field over Nady? Well, Towers was just as frustrated. He echoed the sentiment that we've talked about before that Bochy just seems to have a weird blind spot when it comes to Xavier Nady. Why Bochy has no faith in that guy is beyond me, especially now that he's got two homeruns in the last two days.

It was also nice to see Khalil get behind one as well. His was a towering, epic shot that just teases us with what his sophmore season should turn out to be. Defensively, it looks like he's either lost a step or he's not positioning (or being positioned) properly to get to balls he used to be able to get to. Last season, it was sick the way he'd read the bat off the ball, and this season, he just doesn't look as aggressive or as comfortable. Added pressure? Perhaps.

Both of the back to back shots got sent right over to the section that we were in. Thanks to tfast for letting us use her seats this game. Both shots were no doubters. At least from where we were sitting. We got to be in the front row in left field. Almost to the corner next to the Padres Store patio.

Let's win this rubbermatch tomorrow, boys!

Update [2005-6-25 20:38:27 by Dex]: Here's a photo of the visors we got Friday:

I'm telling you. Stick that style SD in white on the black cap. With maybe some ghost flames? I'm telling you.