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I've seen this before

Isn't this how we started the season? Playing this weird, get on base then don't do much of anything afterwards style of baseball? It's the Moneyball mentality I tell you. Everybody wants the "glamour" stats like OBP, and everybody ignores the RBIs now. I oughta write a book.

Here's some numbers:
.323: Dodgers OBP
.484: Padres OBP

They're all there on the bags. They just aren't finishing the job. Was it DePodesta who provided the association that OBP was the stat that most closely mirrored runs in a game? I guess we'll have to start rewarding other stats from here on out. Dumb Dodger GM. Dumb Dodgers...

17 men left on base. Burroughs of course goes 2-5 with a double, and yet manages to leave four men on base and not get a single RBI.

Klesko manages his solo shot, which looks real pretty, but doesn't exactly help stick a crooked number on the board. Our other two RBIs? Soft hitting Ojeda and the pitcher Brian Lawrence.

Don't even get me started on Sweeney.

The Padres need to reassess their goals. Do you just want to win this division? The worst division in baseball right now? Or do you actually want to contend with everybody else in the league. Cause right now, we'll win the division, but I'm frightened for us once we're in the postseason.