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Open Thread, 6/23: SD vs LA

I'll admit that I started to fall asleep during last night's game. I perked up a little bit when the Padres scored late, but it was to no avail. What did we learn from this game?

  • Bochy is willing to play AA call-ups before he'll give the bastard son of the Padres, Xavier Nady, a sniff of playing time, by gum!

  • Paul McAnulty, who I meant no offense to in the previous comment, will definitely have an easier AB next time up as it won't be with the bases loaded, the game on the line in a pinch hitting appearance with everybody in the stadium whispering, "Don't ground into the double play."

  • The universal sign for "use your eyes", as demonstrated by Jeff Kent last night, can very easily be mistaken for, "I gave your wife sexual pleasure".

  • Gesturing to an umpire that you gave his wife sexual pleasure is a surefire way to get ejected from a game.

  • I really wish Robert Fick would slap Jayson Werth, punk that he is.
And that's all we learned. That's all I learned at least. I'm sure others learned more.

Day game today as Bochy will be starting Dr. Jekyll and/or Mr. Hyde (4-6, 4.57) against Elmer "Don't call me Fudd" Dessens (0-0, 2.46).

Let's go, Padres!