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A blow to the Bochy for Mayor campaign

Bochy for Mayor may have to find a new candidate to back as Bruce Bochy got his two year deal today. No details yet other than it's two more years and it's a deal. How does Bochy keep getting these deals? Is he that good? I mean, I guess he is. He must be. Let's see:

  • Bruce Bochy: 821-852 (.491) over 11 seasons.

  • Trader Jack: 193-164 (.541) over 3 seasons.

  • Dick Williams: 337-311 (.520) over 4 seasons.

  • Greg Riddoch: 200-194 (.508) over 2 seasons.
So Bochy's our winningest manager, but who's to say that any one of those other guys wouldn't have done better if given the chance? I understand the different reasons for not having those guys around, but maybe that's key to Bochy getting yet another extension. He's solid enough and he don't make waves.

In any case, it may sound like I'm being hard on the Boch, but I'm just ummmm... OK I guess I am just being hard on the Boch. Still, maybe it's just case I was really hoping he'd become mayor.

Update [2005-6-22 23:12:5 by Dex]: Also, one of our favorite guys has been called up. Paul McAnulty is with the club! Man, I'm excited for that guy. I have a professional interest in Mac doing well though. It will prove my theory that the five tools need to be redefined. LET'S GO P-MAC!