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I've actually been dying to use that (ficketaboutit) for a little while. I finally couldn't hold it in anymore. When you have creative juices, you have to let them flow.

Overall, there wasn't a whole lot to see here. Woody and Lowe were both solid. For some reason, the pace of the game slowed to a painful crawl in the sixth. It picked up again as we hit the bullpen, but Fick's 2 RBI single was the highlight of the night for me.

I'm also glad to see Aki pitch well. Trevor once again gave us a heartstopper (as Christina in the open thread can attest). It can never be easy, I guess.

Gagne is out for the season. Who knows if Bonds will ever come back. The NL West is begging us to take this division. It's good to see the Padres capitalize against the division.