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Did you see the game last night?

It will be a register in my mind where I was when I watched Jake Peavy ruin the Dodgers to the tune of 13 strikeouts and 2 hits over 8 full innings. I had just finished dinner with Jess and her grandma. Porkchops, yams and zucchini were on tap along with a refreshing tangerine cream Stewart's soda. I walked in to the living room to watch Jake mow through the third. I thought to myself how good Jake was looking.

Then the fourth came and I watched Jake manhandle Izturis with something that looked so ruthless and vile that, were this a less civilized country, the government would have chopped off his right hand. I mean, it was obscene. Dodgers batters were getting sick all over the bullpen as they watched their teammates get sodomized by fastball after changeup after slider. I shudder just thinking about it.

The highlight reel on is fun to watch as you hear Vin Scully calling each strikeout. By the end, there are a couple strikeouts where there's really not much to say anymore. Scully is silent while the crowd in the background is calling for more blood.

Man, I love beating the Dodgers. I know some people (Garth) don't like the Beat LA chant, but there's something satisfying about beating up the Dodgers even if they are below .500 and a third place team right now. It's something that people enjoy seeing so much that they specifically root for it, and I think that's OK. It's kind of like watching America's Wildest Police Videos. In these car chases they show, the advantage is all police. And yet it's somewhat of a delight when the perp gets his car rammed from the side and spins out, giving the nearby officers a chance to bust open a car window and drag the dude out by his hair.

I'm glad Jake's feeling better. Can you believe this guy didn't get one Cy Young vote last year?

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