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Game Report: Padres somehow don't stage a comeback

Poor Brian Lawrence. I feel for that guy. The fans were pretty hard on him. As we were leaving the game a lady said to me, "I knew we were going to lose. Lawrence is terrible." To which I said, "Hey, now. Come on." She said, "Seriously, it's true." A little bit fairweather to be sure. Weird how neither Lawrence nor Peavy were able to really follow up their complete games with solid starts. Even more weird was the Padres not coming back tonight.

If Blum had pulled it just three feet over, it would've been a walkoff shot. The general feeling in the park though seemed to be one of satisfied disappointment. A sort of "you can't win them all" sentiment. To be honest, I wasn't paying attention for much of the first half of the game as I had grabbed about 40 all-star ballots and was busily punching away.

I hadn't done my homework before the game, so I'm not sure how depleted the bullpen was for Bochy to have left Lawrence in as long as he did. Also, there was no ringing of the Rally Bell which doesn't help the mojo. Also, I didn't spot the Swingin' Friar anywhere. It was almost like everybody just kinda took a day off.

Well, tomorrow's another game. We get the Cubbies who are streaking right now. No shortage of news this week as the Cubs have like 129 people who blog the team while the Padres have like 7. We'll show them who's boss.