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Just a reminder to vote

For the stat heads among us... SI uses sabermetrics to determine the all-stars. Now, just in case you don't know the terms and all that, let me just say that the closer you are to the top of the list, the better you are. Brian Giles is statistically the second best right fielder in the National League. Ramon Hernandez obviously is the best catcher.

At the game last night, I almost slapped Jonny Dub when I saw his all-star ballot. He only had two outfielders punched out and was hesitant to select Brian Giles. I said, "Jonny Dub. What are you doing. Brian Giles." Jonny Dub laughed and said, "Anybody but Brian Giles. That guy sucks." This from a guy who claims to be a Padres fan. The trouble is, I think he was serious.

I think what's happening is people haven't actually noticed that Brian Giles has become an offensive machine in the last month. The only reason he isn't the best rightfielder right now is because of his slow April. The fact that he's improved so much demonstrates how awesome he is. The man is a monster, albeit a very pretty, well groomed monster.

So please. Vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote.

Update [2005-6-2 18:36:38 by Dex]: Richard B. Wade has further analysis on the NL catching situation which really should provide all the kick in the pants you need to vote for Ramon Hernandez in mass quantities.