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Boobirds in San Diego

Brian Hiro from the NC times writes, Month of winning dissolves into June gloom. At first I was a little annoyed with Brian. After all, we started the month of May with a loss, and look what happened there. It's a little quick to label gloom on the month. After reading the article, I realized it was about the fact that there were quite a few boobirds at the park last night and they all were focused on Lawrence.

Hey, boobirds. I realize that last night might have been your first game of the season. I realize that everybody wants the Padres to win every game they play. I realize that B-Law hasn't been as good as he was. Now you have to realize that as good as the Padres are, they actually won't win all of the games that they play and not everybody's going to be perfect.

Why all the negativity? Sure, Lawrence has to step up, but the negativity was just mean. People around me were shouting about how stupid Bochy is for leaving Brian in and how Brian "always loses his games". Here's the thing people, we used up a bit of the bullpen during Peavy's start and there are other games besides the Brewers. The Cubbies are streaking right now and we don't want to be going into that series with a depleted bullpen. Especially considering the fact that there are a ton of Cubs fans who'll actually be cheering for the Cubs against the Padres. We need to present a united front against the Chicago tourists and transplants.